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Why iHealthTV

iHealthTV enables engagement and growth teams to manage and turn enhanced on-premises experience into a strategic differentiator for organisation growth. Leverage Demographics, realtime IOT data, automation, AI/ML and personalisation techniques into one enterprise platform.

Our Solutions for your Business Growth

Create Own Infotainment Communication channel for Chain of Hospitals

When you Have Chain of Health Organisations/Hospitals/Clinics/Diagnostic Centers spread across multiple locations or bigger organisation/Hospital with multiple Signage Displays in a single location, with our Cloud Series (CS) of iHealthTV platform you can manage your signage content in multiple formats using a central, secure Cloud/Enterprise server.
You can create multiple layouts of your content and have complete control on the content, layouts and schedule of each signage or a group of Signage Displays.

Small Hospital/Clinic want to get advantage of On-Premises Engagement/Branding without any IT infrastructure

You are looking for an easy to use Digital Signage with ease of content/campaigns management at your Clinic/Hospital without the need for internet connectivity,
With our Near By (NS) series of iHealthTV platform Mobile App, you can create campaigns with multiple formats of content and push them to the signage display.
Instantaneous content like product campaigns, rate card display, welcome messages, voice announcements can be managed at the location using Mobile App.

Improve In-Patient Experience with Personalized Dynamic Campaigns

iHealthTV Platform helps hospitals to maximize In-Patient Experience, displaying the right content, at the right time, to the right consumer.
Voice interaction supported by iHealthTV gives best in-room experience. With the help of the IoT, Demographics Data and AI/ML, personalized patient specific campaign playing ensure these needs are met.

Suggest Better Hospital Services with AI/ML Recommendation System for Improved Patient Satisfaction

Dynamic Up-Sell, Cross Campaigns suggested by strong AI Recommendation Engine of iHealthTV Platform improves Patient Satisfaction and helps in using more Hospital services.

As An Assistant for Staff, Receptionists, Product Promoters, Customers

Voice Controlled Campaigns feature in iHealthTV Platform helps hospital Staff to demonstrate best answers/services with ease to Patients. Helps receptionist to showcase products and services as per consumer ask. Product /Service promotions can be made more elaborate. With Interactive feature it helps patients to get instant information about Doctor Timings, Path to Pharmacy, Lift, Operations Theater, Daily Menu in Cafeteria etc.

Monetize your Digital Ad Spaces for Additional Revenue

We provide online Marketplace for Indoor & Outdoor Digital Signage Ad Spaces. You can Earn Money by Sharing your Digital Signage Ad Spaces. It is all at Finger touch using our www.adskite.com Digital Signage Market Place.


Basic Essentials Premium Add-Ons
Images, Videos, Ticker Text, Table ADview Reports with Demographics
Multi Layouts Real Time Contextual Campaigns
Scheduled Campaigns Real Time Location Based Campaigns
Logo Overlay Content Partner Management
Multi User Control SoftIOT Input Support
Background Audio APIs for 3rd Party AI Engines based Campaigns
Pause & Resume Player Enterprise Private Cloud/Intranet
Volume Control Interactive Campaigns
Campaign Text per Image Voice Controlled Campaigns
Announcements Scan to Campaign
Mobile App Touch to Action
Cloud Mode Web Interface Recommendation System for Up-sll/Cross-Sell
Campaign Reports (Cloud Mode) TV & Signage Mix
URL-JIRA, Facebook, Youtube/News Channel 4G SIM Support
Online & Offline Player FP Sensor Based Campaigns


Our Success Stories

ihealthTV for Aster

Aster RV Hospital is a multispeciality, tertiary care hospital has choosen ihealthTV for promoting hospital services , Building brand visibility by announcing recent awards the team has won or profiling top doctors on staff. Displaying public safety announcements, patient safety recommendations, workplace safety tips, wellness awareness content and much more to enhance patient Experience.


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